Monday, 19 May 2014

HAUL: Mecca Maxima Opening (Robina)

There's something about a new store opening, whether that be one with clothes, makeup or kitchen wear. The fact is, our brain is excited by 'new', and let me tell you, the Mecca Maxima at Robina is definitely that!

Above: Myself getting all my goodies tried out by my pal Ash. Photo courtesy of Carla Tooma, MyGC. 

In contrast to it's cousin Mecca Cosmetica, the bigger and better store is colourful, loud and vibrant - something assimilar to its European counterparts. The baby pink, black and metallic look acts in the form of hypnosis and boy oh boy does it drag you in... literally, I went three times in two days, each time coming out with something new! So, without the usual ramble of my over-thought writings, here is what my little Mecca Maxima basket ended up being filled with (well, some of it), and later covered in the beautiful pink tissue paper that is รก la Kim K's makeup bag.... Just kidding.


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 (Travel Size) $25.00
After only ever using the Mac Prep and Prime whilst constantly hearing Napolean Perdis' "not to prime is a crime" mantra, I thought I better give something new a go - something that evens out my skin while not concentrating shine in my T-Zone especially! Ash, my friend pictured above, put some of this on the top of her hand then sprayed it with some good ol' H2o and I was sold! The water swept straight off and not to mention that moisture I felt on my skin. After about a weeks use, I'm in love. My makeup stays a lot better, my face is smoothed out prior to application and I feel when using my beauty blender for my foundation my skin has definitely appeared flawless lately. WIN!

Nars Sheer Glow foundation $68.00

I went into Mecca Maxima looking for something a little less matte than my usual go-to Mac Studio Fix foundation. Something a little more everyday, that is also build-able  Coming into Winter, I thought "why not?" I was getting a little more pale (just a little, don't get too excited) and would rather my neck and face match as fake tans are a no-go for my orange undertone. So far, so good with this one! I really feel I've hit a home run with this little-more natural coverage. Pairing with a free sample of the Nars copacabana Illuminator, I'm sold on that one too. My skin looks fresher, and at the end of the day, its texture doesn't clump or sit around my t-zone like I find my mac will at the latter half of the day. So, for an everyday foundation, I think I am in looooove - thanks Ash!

Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump $24.95

 On days that I don't feel like doing much to my eyes, especially working around technology all the time which forces me to look like I've watched the notebook during that time of the month, balling my eyes out, I love a good lip. I'm a sucker for lipstick normally, and lately have found my matte collection definitely outshines my glossed collection. Looking for something to change up that look, I went in looking for a basic clear gloss and came out with something wicked...especially to unsuspecting victims. This plumper has the typical tingle... for the first five minutes. Ten minutes in and my lips feel like they did the first time I tasted nutella - shocked, yet in love. Of course I don't prance around with Angelina lips after this, but I can see the change in my lips minus an injection between my cupids bow. Super stoked... that's for sure. 

Nars Highlighting Blush in Albatross $45.00
Being a bit of a novice in the art of contouring, and sometimes guilty of being a poor excuse for a female, I thought I better jump on the Kim K bandwagon and enter the realms of defined cheekbones and flash-friendly makeup/masking of my typically two-dimensional frame. 

Albatross has quite a high-shine to it... and mixed with a shiny bronzer I love it - especially for a night on the town where the cameras are going to be constantly out! Also, with dark under-eye circles, I'm in love, this product gives me an awakened glow... especially paired with my gin sing eye cream (mentioned below)! 


YSL Rouge Pur Couture #52 Rosy Coral $55.00
As I said earlier, I'm a sucker for lips... And again, I felt the need to purchase my first upmarket lipstick that isn't incased in the typical mac black and silver. I love every inch of this YSL. The packaging, beautiful. The little Yves Saint Laurent logo imprinted on the lipstick itself... and the colour and texture is to die for. The price here, I can justify. A good lipstick is a good investment, so I'm just going to go and admire it for a while, seeya... kidding!

Skin Care

Okay! So, here is a little bit of a low down of my skin care needs. Living with K we both have individual qualms with our skin. For me, I just have those one-off annoying thing's pop up, but hate the bags under my eyes with a passion! Kurt on the other hand, suffers from cystic acne in some places, and has a little bit of scaring. What I wanted to try was some things that could be somewhat universal in our bathroom... and I think I've found some things, minus the Mario Badescu drying and buffering lotions which is just for Kurtis' cystic troubles ($26.95, each). One things for certain, girls don't feel obliged to send your man to a nearby EBgames or Universal Store, there are things in Mecca Maxima for men... and I guarantee you they'll see the difference, and love you for it.

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream $45.00
The eyes are the window to the soul, and unfortunately, my eyes are sometimes covered by some annoying clouds in the forms of dark circles and fine lines. With a pearlescent shade, I look awake with this product on, and that's a big thing for me (especially when majority of the time I'm asleep in a day dream, just with my eyes open). With the gin zing on I look refreshed, and I'm super duper happy with this product. 

With makeup over the top, I hardly need to use concealer, and I'm happy with that outcome. I definitely would not hesitate in recommending this puff-fighting, coffee-filled, pretty smelling cream. 

Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion $23.95
Boasting a clientele from "Martha Stewart to P-Diddy" I thought I'd give this stuff a go, and I'm glad I did... or more-so for Ash suggesting it! Kurt always says he looks for something that "you can feel working" but I think he's come to learn that sometimes, the heavy chemical stuff he's been given by the doctor is the reason why he "feels" it working... With 4% alcohol the cucumber soothes the often stinging feeling associated with some toners that lack such pain-restricters. For both Kurt and I, the ability for this toner to remove heavy pore residue is a big tick in our books, as with the disinfecting qualities that can often help Kurt especially who struggles with messy eruptions on his delicate cheek area. The price is affordable, and using it in conjunction with some face pads for application makes this investment one that should last me at least until next quarter!

Mario Badescu Silver Powder $17.95

Now, there's nothing worse than sitting under the heavy lights of your bathroom vanity, looking at your nose and seeing some dark little heads come out to play. Okay, for me, sometimes you can hardly see them - but I suppose blackheads are like chicken nuggets when you're on a diet... driving by McDonalds you always know they're there... and so when I drive by my nose, I know they're there, even if covered! So, with that I got this pore-cleaning, tightening powder that works as a mask-like coverage when a wet cotton bud (soaked in the above toner) is immersed in the dish and placed on some imperfections... LOVE! Although, at times, it is a little messy in the application process, I'm so very happy with the results when you wipe it off with the toner! 

Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser $36.00
After coming home from work or uni I NEED to feel like the problems of the day have been washed with the sink, and this product does exactly that! With a lemony fragrance, my shower is transformed to the rims of a herbal tea... and I love it! Kurt's feelings are the same, we feel refreshed and absolutely ready to go to sleep, or conversely wake up, after us. 

My skin feels soft yet rejuvenated and to be honest this has been my favourite purchase of the entire haul! The bubbles and the scent combined feel super uplifting, and after washing with hot water, my skin feels anything but dry! PERFECTO! Thanks again Ash!

Overall, the Mecca Maxima opening was a big success, for me and the people who I'm sure of went crazy spending at least $80.00 for the free gifts! I'll be back again and again... and not just to say hello to my pal Ash but to stock up and up and up... bring on that level three beauty box I say!